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"What a beautiful world it would be... if people had hearts like dogs."                                      - author unknown    

Paws for Patrick wants to help alleviate the burden of those trying to acquire an emotional support animal for mental health purposes. If you are interested in making an existing pet or securing a pet to serve as an ESA, we want to help you.  Below are some of the ways in which Paws for Patrick can assist:

  • Locate and acquire an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) that fits your needs;

  • Provide basic training in or out of your home for your new or current family pet that will serve as your ESA;

  • Find a therapist that will provide a letter of certification for your ESA at no cost to you.

Please fill out this ESA Request Form to give us an idea on how we can help you.  

Do you have any questions, comments, or needs?  If so, please share with us on our Message Board.  We would love to start a discussion! 


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