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"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."                                                               - Roger Caras

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and in an effort to break the stigma and raise awareness for mental health, which is central to our mission, we want to “Turn Our Towns Green”.
Our goal is for green ribbons, which we will provide, to be tied on trees in central, high-traffic areas and on private properties throughout your town. We will also provide yard signs with our organization’s name, logo, and our tagline: “It’s ok not to be ok” in support of National Mental Health Awareness Month. This initiative is for the entire month of May, with ribbon/yard sign distribution and tying to be on May 1st 
and ending on May 31st.

This year we are not only Turning Our Towns Green, we are also Turning Our Campus' Green! 

If you would like to join these efforts, and help break the stigma for mental illness, please fill out the attached order form to tie ribbons and post signs around your own trees, as well as passing them out to friends, neighbors, clubs or teams! You can also order WAG BAGS which include an "It's okay not to be okay" bracelet, sticker, ribbon, and fidget to be passed out on cars and front porches to further this initiative. ALL OF THIS IS FREE!!!

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