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Brooke, a college student far from her hometown, grappled with anxiety, making even simple outings feel daunting. The desire for an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) led her to adopt Navie (McNab- a breed from California) from a shelter. After finding out about Paws For Patrick through her campus counseling center, Brooke took the next steps. 


Paws For Patrick proved to be a support, providing guidance on obtaining an ESA letter, housing, and training for Navie.  The story of how Brooke and Navie met was a pleasantly unexpected one. After going to the store for cat supplies, Naive caught Brooke’s attention. Her calm and sweet presence instantly drew her in, and she decided to bring Navie home, hoping they could both overcome their anxieties together.


In Brooke's view, having an ESA is similar to any other relationship, requiring care, patience, and understanding, especially when adopting a shelter animal. With Navie as her constant companion, Brooke has “gained the confidence to take up space in my environment, and has given me so many new opportunities to engage with my community”. 


Reflecting on her journey, Brooke's advice for those facing similar challenges is to take “one day at a time. It’s cliché, but it’s easier to break up any hard tasks or times into smaller, more palatable portions—whether that be life’s challenges, dealing with unwanted dog behaviors, or any struggles you’re going through.” 


We send our best wishes to Brooke and Navie! 

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